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Tuesday, February 21


" be gorgeous , make everyone jealous
(name of our company & tagline . create by me)
for english classes we has been asked to form a group of 4 person per group . soo woan , shu qi , huda and me . lucky for me because all my partners can speak in english very well . but sometimes i feel a little bit uncomfortable . not because i dislike them , just somehow i feel ashamed . i can't speak well . everytimes we had a discussion , they will speak in BI . i understand what they are saying but because of limited vocabulary , it will take a time to me to find a suitable words . and maybe because my self confidence is lower , so i do not have enough courage to speak in english . i afraid that they will not understand what i try to say and they will laughing at me :(

but now is not a time to give up . i will take it as a challenge for me to improve myself . if they can , so do i . nothing is impossible ! 

so as a image consultant , i will do my best to promote our project and transform myself as a lovely girl . hahaha . tak sangka post aku kali ni dalam bi . hancuss . hee 

i choose to be HAPPY ツ

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